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Creating Your Own Big Money Event

Creating your own events is a great way to bring in huge income, and quickly. Imagine hosting your own event that brings in six to seven figures in a matter of days. Hosting your own events can fill your coaching programs and product sales with a year’s worth of income in just one weekend every time you roll one out. Hosting your own events can become the turning point to dramatically increase your expert income. This certainly was the case for me: At my own events I’ve created as much as $100,000 in 90 minutes on stage, and up to $1.5 million at a three-day event. Nice paycheck if you can get it, right? There are even a very select few experts who have made anywhere from $3 million to $6 million from a three-day event. This is incredibly impressive, but certainly not the norm. However, it does show what can be done at big money events with the right expert and the right audience. Although this type of income is not a reality for most experts, when done right you can certainly make a significant amount of money from events.

Hosting your own events on a grand scale is not for the faint of heart. They can be risky and take a lot of work to produce. I’ll confess that at times my events stress me out and drive me crazy, yet I still love hosting them because I enjoy the challenge and the experience it creates for the audience. Putting on a successful event is about creating an environment where people come together to learn and move past their comfort zones over a short period of time to create fast, personal and professional growth. That’s exciting! Attendees from my events will have memories that they can keep for a lifetime. There is nothing quite like a LIVE event experience.

But to create an experience, you must create more than just a learning environment. An exciting experience will have people talking about your events. For example, my events are not only educational, they are action-packed, full of surprises and lots of fun! We laugh, we dance, we cry, we make amazing connections and we learn. I love hearing stories from people who have attended my events who have dramatically changed their lives by attending. Now that’s what I call exciting and rewarding! This is what keeps me motivated for my next event.

Imagine having the same opportunity to shift and change someone’s life at your own event. With this in mind, you don’t have to host large events to make a difference. You just need to get started—even if it’s just 10-20 people in a room.

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