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Decision Making is Key to Success with Steve Haffner 

Making decisions can often be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Today’s guest, Steve Haffner, is a decision performance specialist who uses mentalism and psychology to help individuals improve their decision-making skills. 

Steve and Debbie discuss how to overcome natural instincts that prevent us from reaching our goals, the importance of collaboration, and how to overcome your “lizard” brain and let your values guide you. 

Join Debbie Allen in this conversation to learn more about how you can set clear goals and improve your decision making today. 

Show Highlights: 

  • Steve discusses what makes up decision performance and what inspired him to help people optimize their decision-making skills 
  • Magic, mentalism, and psychology go hand-in-hand. Steve talks about how becoming educated on illusion and how the mind works can help you make better decisions. 
  • Many of our distracting impulses are natural, but if we can recognize them, we can override them
  • Confirmation bias can restrain you from growing and making better decisions 
  • Steve shares an anecdote of someone in the corporate world he helped improve their decision performance 
  • Letting your values guide you as opposed to your “lizard” brain is the most key component of improving your decision performance 
  • Overcoming mental bias is the only way we can grow and innovate 


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