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Define What Success Means

The number one reason most people don’t succeed is not taking the time to define what is wanted. One of the most important things for each of us is to know exactly what we want. What does success look like or feel like? If we don’t know, we attract confusion.

Success is not what others tell us it is. It’s what each of us say it is for us!

If we go with the belief that success is what everyone else says it is, we’ll always miss the target. And when or if we do achieve someone else’s version of success it won’t mean as much to us.

To become successful requires giving up other people’s beliefs around success. Forget about what other people think about success and stop comparing ourselves to others. Some people think success is defined as having tons of money, fame and fortune.

The reality is success is defined in many ways, but it must come from within to create or motivate true success on our terms.

By truly understanding and valuing who we are and why we desire success, it’s easier to tap into our true value by becoming more aware of our strengths, skills and existing knowledge. Some valuable qualities may have come to us as naturally born talent and these are called gifts. Skills are learned and developed over time with effort and experience.

To help figure out our value, think of a time when we were completely “dialed-in.” Consider a time where we felt as if we were completely in our element or in “The zone.”

How did it feel in that moment?

What strengths, skills, and knowledge come easily?

Learn to listen to the inner promptings for hints of the kind of success desired. This allows us to start out feeling challenged in the best way possible. Chances are, when we take stock of our strengths and consider all possibilities for success, we will discover there is more than one path to getting there. We may also discover there is something else we want more, or one area that is a stronger market or higher chance of success. This turns into the ability to stop wasting time on opportunities that aren’t right for us.

“I don’t want other people to decide who I am.
I want to decide that for myself.”
— Emma Watson, Actor

Success is Easy Affirmation (say it, believe it, and own it):

“Success comes easy to me because I now define success on my own terms.”

  • Remove any limited beliefs that success is hard. Get back into the winner’s circle prepared to win!
  • Realize that we already have the ability to accomplish almost anything we set our mind to. Remember: “Our time to achieve more success is now!”
  • Listen to inner promptings for the hints of the kind of success desired. Take stock of our strengths and consider all possibilities for success. Define our own success (not someone else’s success).
  • Take complete ownership of our success. When we say “I want success,” what is it we are really asking for? Write down all the reasons we want more success in our life.
  • Define why success is important enough to drive us past any obstacle or roadblock that gets in our way. Move outside of our wants and consider the results we are looking for.





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