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Develop a Powerful USP

What makes your business more unique, more valuable and more visible in the marketplace? 

You’ve heard the statement, “Differentiate or Die!” In today’s highly competitive world, you must be unique and fill a special niche to be successful.  

One of the most harmful mistakes most small businesses make is not being unique and not positioning themselves as the best choice to their prospects.  

How do you stand out from the competition?  

Having a USP (unique selling proposition) will dramatically improve your positioning and instantly make you more marketable.  

A USP is a statement that succinctly outlines how your business, product or service is different from that of your competition. It identifies what makes your business the better choice and why your target customers should choose you over the competition.

Your USP can be an effective tool that helps you focus your marketing goals and verify that every piece of marketing collateral you create will successfully set you apart from the competition. 

Your USP is also a very important part of your branding that makes your business memorable. 

Here’s 3 ways to best showcase your company’s USP: 

Uniqueness … clearly defines what you do and sets you apart from your competition.

Selling … persuades others you are the best choice to purchase from.   

Proposition … promise or proposal for your product or services. 

The force that drives your business and sales success is a USP.  It can be used as a branding tool that deploys strategy with every tactical marketing effort you use such as business cards, advertising, direct mail, website and social media. 

Your USP allows you to build a fast and long-lasting reputation. The ultimate goal of your USP and your marketing is to turn prospects into buyers. 

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