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Educate and Inform with Your Expertise on Social Media

Today’s online followers want to be informed; they don’t want to be SOLD to or spammed with constant promotions. That’s a fast way to lose followers and fans on social media. Use your social media posts for brief, interesting information, links to relevant blog posts or your expert articles. You can also link to case studies, client testimonials, updates about your company, expert content, contests, videos and more.

Cartoons and funny images can also be good as long as you keep your brand and expertise intact. Laughter is both contagious and memorable, so injecting some humor into your social media can be a great way to show off your personality and make your followers feel more comfortable engaging with you.

Select a theme to show some fun photos and videos for upcoming events or new content you’ve added to your website. Fun images always get attention and help you stand out. For example, when I promoted my event in Las Vegas, I used photos of me with a showgirl, or with props and signs I’ve found in casinos. And when I’ve done events in Hollywood I featured fun photos with big Hollywood themed glasses or a movie clipboard. You must find ways to have fun and engage online followers.

Create personal connections. After all, that’s the primary goal of “social” networks – to be social. Make sure that some of your content is thanking your followers for sharing, responding to comments and questions, and reposting or mentioning relevant content from your fan base.

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