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Evaluate Your Goal Setting Habits – A Self-Guided Quiz by Debbie Allen

Your ongoing success depends on the quality of goals you set for yourself.

How Does Your Level of Goal Focus and Commitment Measure Up?

We all have behaviors or habits that hold us back in one form or another from reaching our peak potential. Yet, when we form limited behaviors or habits, we sabotage more and more success opportunities and income streams. The more limiting the behavior, the more it prevents business growth and ongoing success.

Evaluate your habits by taking the quiz below.

Be completely honest with yourself. This is the only way you can form more productive income stream growth habits.

What habits have you already formed this year to move you forward with your income?

Place a check mark in front of all the questions that you can easily and honestly answer YES:

___ 1. Do you continually take time to learn, improve and grow in your business?
___ 2. Are you well prepared with a goal in mind with each opportunity that arises?
___ 3. Do you make achieving your goals a top priority every day?
___ 4. Do you do at least 3 things every day to help you get closer to your main goal?
___ 5. Do you visualize your success daily?
___ 6. Are your goals written down for the next 1-6 months?
___ 7. Are your goals outlined for the next 2-3 years?
___ 8. Can you visualize achieving your goals easily?
___ 9. Do you share your goals in the form of affirmations to others?
___ 10. Do you have a goal-achieving system for follow-up and follow-through?
___ 11. Do you continually work on promoting yourself effectively?
___ 12. Do you align yourself with others who can help you achieve your goals?
___ 13. Do you believe you are focused on your goals the majority of the time?
___ 14. Do you have a high level of commitment to achieve your goals?
___ 15. Do you have a strong work ethic around achieving your goals?
___ 16. Do you avoid making excuses why you haven’t achieved goals in the past?
___ 17. Are you working with a mentor or coach to help you achieve goals faster?
___ 18. Do you chart out the goals you have achieved to measure your success?
___ 19. As you achieve one goal, do you create bigger and more challenging goals?
___ 20. Do you put faith in yourself to achieve any goal you set?

Now add up all your YES responses (check marks) and score yourself below:

Score of 15 – 20
You are working at your peak potential and are achieving high-level goals easily and quickly. You can achieve any goal you set your mind to!

Score of 10 – 14
You are a true professional who is open to constant improvement. You are beginning to develop more productive goal-achieving habits. Keep focusing on your end goal in mind and you will easily accomplish more of what you set out to achieve.

Score of 5 – 9
You have much to learn about achieving goals. Be open to getting help from a coach or mentor that helps to hold you accountable to achieve your goals. Work on being more persistent, focused and accountable. A systemized step-by-step plan of action would be helpful to keep you on track with your goals.

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