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Find Space for New Opportunity to Come Your Way

Productive business people find time to allow for the creation of “space” which gives them time to think and expand on new business ideas.

This is often described as working On your business versus working In your business.

By learning how to find “space” to grow my own businesses I’ve also learned the skill of becoming a business intuitive. Business intuition comes to me partly from decades of business building experience, decision making, and by having many quick business turnarounds. My past experience gives me direction to follow, yet my business intuition naturally guides me to creative ideas. These ideas come to me quickly and easily when I work through business building concepts with clients.

When clearly directed concepts and ideas begin to flow freely in my mind, I actually get goose bumps and feel the energy throughout my entire body. It’s as if they are being downloaded directly into me…it’s really powerful!

When working with a new client, I start out by asking them this important question, “Where do see yourself and your business a year from now?” I ask them to describe for me their vision for success in as much detail as possible. This includes their most ideal client, their income goals and how they define their own success.

Next, I begin leading them on a path in the direction they want to go to achieve more success with ease.

The goal for you is to begin to allow “space” for innovative ideas to come to you, to make time to learn new skills, and to take different action to gain new prospective and improved results.

You’ll discover that often new business ideas and opportunities come out of a simple thought, feeling or intuition. Successful people are very good at allowing “space” for creative and intuitive ideas to flow to them.

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