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Five Ways to Continue Your Personal Development

  1. Listen to motivational programs.
    Turn your commute time into life-long learning time. This is an incredible opportunity to help you stay focused, motivated and advance your growth.
  2. Attend seminars often.
    Attendance at educational seminars focused toward your goals virtually guarantees your personal and professional development. Experts in your field will help you to stay on track, keep you inspired and offer you new insights, strategies and ideas. Stay after the event to meet the speakers in person and ask questions that can help move you toward your goals.
  3. Network like crazy.
    Meet people everywhere you go and try to introduce yourself to at least three new people at every function you attend. Think of ways you can joint venture with them. Send them business opportunities and build alliances with them. Arrive early at events and position yourself where you can meet the most people. Practice purposeful communications with specific objectives for every event you attend.
  4. Offer your expertise as a public speaker.
    Public speaking is one of the biggest fears, but it can be overcome easily with a little practice. Public speaking requires research and contemplation, two activities that are easily converted into professional development. There are always opportunities to share your business knowledge at Rotary Clubs, Chamber of Commerce and other business functions. This is an excellent way to build your expertise and awareness within your business community.
  5. Develop innovative thinking.
    Most people know how to play a game that requires players to think only one move in advance. Some entrepreneurs manage their businesses in this manner, rarely investing in the future. Highly successful entrepreneurs, on the other hand, think five moves in advance.
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