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Gain Clarity on Your BIG Vision

I wanted to share a little bit of information before I board a cruise ship today in Vancouver, BC, Canada — heading to Alaska through the Inland Passage to enjoy a summer getaway with some of my amazing clients.

Together we will be soaking up the majestic beauty of Alaska and also spending a couple of inspirational, mind-blowing days creating a BIGGER VISION for our lives and our businesses while at sea.

I have invited my clients to join me on this cruise — because I know the value of taking the time to get away from your normal daily activities to clear your mind, re-energize and get creative.

Although you will not be joining us — so sorry! — I am going to share one of the training lessons with you that I will be teaching my clients while we are at sea.

To do this exercise you MUST find a place to slip away this week (even for part of a day) to escape from your daily routine and move off-course a bit. The further away you move from your regular comfort zone the better.

You will be spending this time away from your home and office visualizing and writing in a journal. This will allow you to focus all your attention on thinking about what you most want in your business and your life by the end of this year.

This is more than just writing out your goals. I want you to take the time to really VISUALIZE achieving what you most want.
Find a quiet place away from your home and office to sit quietly and set your vision and a strong intention. Trust the flow as you write and listen to your “inner-voice” and intuition while one idea guides and leads you from one thought to another.

Journal your thoughts as you respond to the questions below:

  • What has worked so far this year to help you grow both personally and professionally? And why has it worked?
  • What have you learned to expand your knowledge as an expert in your market and what do you “see” that you need to do to expand upon that knowledge and wisdom going forward?
  • What inspires you and motivates you to do and be more?
  • Write out a clear and specific VISION on what you wish to create for your business by the end of this year.
  • What are you 100% committed to achieving? What intention and action will you take to create what you really want?
  • What more do you need to know to achieve it? What information could you learn that will direct you more effectively?
  • If failure is not an option … what daily action would you take to create a Never Give-Up Attitude?

By putting your BIG VISION into writing, you begin to deepen your awareness and turn your dreams into reality. Your vision then becomes the roadmap that leads you toward focused action. Action leads you to more opportunities that lead you toward achieving and exceeding your goals.

Don’t worry about the HOW.

Pay close attention to the people who are placed in front of you to help you with your HOW. When you pay attention and move toward action — those people will begin to appear almost out of nowhere.

Trust the process!

This visioning process has helped me build multiple million-dollar companies in diverse industries. The process has never let me down. And, if you remain focused on your mission and your vision, it will not let you down either.

I am looking forward to checking back in with you when I return from my journey … until then remain focused this week on your BIG VISION.

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