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Generate Cash Flow FAST with VIP Days! 

BusinessmanAll speak to sell programs take skill and time to set up. Yet you may also need a program that can generate quick cash without much skill or effort in advance. The answer to this is to offer VIP days. You can begin right away to develop big paydays (even without a list). VIP days don’t require a lot of lead time or marketing systems. They can be conducted either live in person or virtually, by phone.

VIP days automatically increase your value. Your clients will pay more for personal intensives and also pay more for speed. In addition, clients get better results when they get into action quickly. VIP days actually require less time and less work and most of the time you won’t even need to travel. You also don’t need to set up a system or a sales page to get started. You can have your first VIP client in as little as one week. VIP days are great because they are a simple, quick, fast-cash, money-making way to share your expertise.

Develop a topic and structure to support your clients around your coaching and turn it into a 1:1 VIP day. To come up with ideas, think about what problems you can quickly solve for your clients. Teach your clients how to overcome a specific problem and offer them on-the-spot solutions. This can be done by offering your expert advice and also by brainstorming with your client. When you brainstorm with clients, it helps them quickly see solutions to overcome their obstacles. It also can open up other problems that you can help your client solve, leaving you open to multiple opportunities for additional VIP days.

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