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Geting them to show up and buy

The easy part is getting ready for the call and actually delivering the class. Any expert can do this, but not everyone can turn the call into a sales opportunity. To make this happen you must have a system in place that fills the call funnel and produces your end result: more sales.

Help them focus

You may also want to consider adding handouts that remind attendees to show up on time. Providing handouts is optional, but I highly suggest it to not only get your attendees ready for the call, but to keep them following along every step of the way. It makes it easy for them to listen and not be side-tracked. Keep them focused on your presentation by asking them to write things down, as this will keep them more involved and active throughout your program. Don’t worry about making your handout lengthy or detailed. One or two pages created in a simple PDF format with some “fill-in-the-blank” sections is all you need.

Remember also to add your complete contact information and your closing offer to the handout. Add a download version of your handout to your thank you page and your email follow up, and remind listeners to download the handout before each call.

You need buyers

Important: You need to get prospective buyers on the call with you. What this takes is good copywriting that leads to signups. Even a free call needs good email copy and great follow up to fill your classes. It’s vital that you put all the pieces in place before you launch, or it is unlikely you will make big sales at the end of your call. It doesn’t matter how fabulous your talk is; if no one hears or sees it, you won’t make sales, and that’s why filling your classes is important.

And, although filling your classes is extremely important, I’m not telling you to wait until you have a huge database to begin your first class. Even if you only have a few prospects, your best friend and their cat, on the call, you can still get started and gain results. You may not make a lot of sales when you start out, but you will be creating product that can generate ongoing sales for additional streams of income.

Inform and close sale

This is one of the easiest and fastest ways to create your first information product; you can build it all while getting paid at the same time. Once you get people on the call, you will need to have a well-crafted presentation that informs and closes sales. This part is critical to making money from teleseminars and webinars.

Remember the secret I shared with you about putting together your closing offer? You must FIRST develop the offer before putting together your presentation. The secret is to work backwards from your closing offer.

You’ll need to lead your listeners by seeding (or suggesting) the close in advance of actually making your offer.

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