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Grab Instant Attention with Video Marketing


It used to be the case that businesses steered away from video production due to its exorbitant costs. Today, even small business owners on a modest budget can access the world of video by utilizing the power video marketing on YouTube, email marketing and websites. If you don’t already have a YouTube channel, make sure you create a channel name that is directly related to your industry, business or brand name. There is a 30-character limit to the name, so you’ll have to stay within that limit using your business name or a variation of the name.

Why video works

The memory portion of our brain, when we simplify it, works in a three step process: sensory memory, short term memory, and long term memory. If you want a prospect to remember your brand and your expertise, the brand and your message need to be repeated. The more they are repeated, the better chance they have of getting stuck in the viewers’ long term memory. So you want to make your message stick and videos are a great way to do this. 

Videos help your brand and expertise by allowing you to dominate as an online authority. Videos have legs and are a great branding tool; they are one of the most powerful ways to quickly expand your expert brand and gain exposure. One of the first things a viewer is going to click on when they hit your website or open your email is a video. 

The value that videos produce makes them well worth the time and investment. To get a great return from this strategy, be sure to select the right titles for your videos so you have a better shot at getting listed on the first page of Google. The keywords you use in your video title should be what people are searching in order to find your expertise.  

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