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Choosing the right name for your businessEstablish a great business name that defines what your expertise is all about. Here are some example of brand names that I’ve helped my clients create:

Career Transition Expert, Money and Life Freedom Coach, Behavior Change Expert, Breakthrough Life Consulting, The Date Diva, Women’s Empowerment Coach, Awaken to Your Life Purpose and Stop Dieting for Life.

Once you come up with a good name for your business make sure the domain is available. This is very important! You must be able to purchase the .com. And if the .com domain name is not available change the name! This is a critical first step because once you get into brand domination online you won’t be able to dominate your expertise without owning the .com domain name along with other .coms around your business and brand name. It’s extremely important that you grab those domain names at the time your business name is developed. Don’t do anything else until you own the .com for your business and your brand. It’s hard to move a business that is stuck to brand domination when they don’t even own the right domain names. Therefore, this is a critical first step that a lot of marketing experts won’t even tell you about.

Many of my clients are outside of the U.S. and therefore they pick a domain that is known within their country such as .ca for Canada, .au for Australia, .br for Brazil, etc. That’s fine, grab the country domain for your business, but you also need to buy the .com. Because it’s a .com world! The .com is the most recognized symbol known throughout the world. You want to make it easy for anyone to remember your domain and .com is internationally known.

As an expert you want to launch yourself to the world (not just your own country). For example, my client Helena who lives in Australia was in the process of launching her weight loss business Simple Slimming when she hired me to work with her to grow her business. Luckily, she had not yet launched her website. We had to go back and start from the beginning with a new business name since she didn’t own the .com. Helena had only purchased the domain for her country of Australia (.au) under her new business name. She had selected a good name for her business and for that reason she didn’t want to give it up. From our very first call together, I discovered that she wanted to eventually grow her business outside of Australia, and I knew she would have a problem with the business name down the road since she didn’t own the .com. Once I convinced Helena to OWN a business name where she could also have the .com and have more internet domination she agreed to change her business name.

During our first mentoring call we searched online for keywords and domains as we “brand-stormed” new ideas for her business name. We had to come up with a great name, and that’s when we discovered Winning at Slimming was available. I told Helena it was great and asked her to “Grab it – buy it right now before it’s gone!”

Then once she purchased the domain we also discovered more .coms along with her country code domains that she could hold on to as her business grew. These included and which we used for her landing page websites.

This is how brand and business strategy go hand-in-hand. You must know where you are going. Plan to take your brand and your business long-term once you launch or relaunch your brand name or you’ll have a hard time OWNING your space online for brand domination. 

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