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Great Coaches Lead with Their Heart

Decide what path you want to take with your coaching business and OWN it. For example, you can’t call yourself a business coach and a life coach. You’re either going to be a personal life coach or you’re going to be a business coach; one or the other, not both! People often need to work with a life coach first to get their personal matters in order before working with a business coach. Both are equally important – which one fits you best? Select just ONE direction to follow or you’ll come across as too generalized.

Life coaches are professionals who work with people to help them build on their past successes and make desired changes in their personal life. A business coach is a little different. A business coach focuses strictly on the business aspect of the coaching. Both would have a step-by-step process that would help people meet their goals.

So again, I suggest that you don’t mix the two, because what will happen is that you will dilute your brand. It will cause you to lose your entire brand message; and people are going to say, “What are you good at? Are you better at life coaching or are you better at business coaching?” You can’t do both – so pick a path.  

Share your passion and enthusiasm

Make a list of everything that you’re personally enthusiastic about – things about which you can really share your passion to the point where you bring your heart into the service. When you share your passion for what you teach you are authentic and always come from the right place. 

You must be passionate about helping other people in order to come from your heart. There are highly paid coaches who come into it as a business and focus mainly on the money. Yet, I believe that if you’re going to be good at something and really make a difference in others’ lives, you must come from a place that touches your heart. When you connect your head (wisdom) with your heart (passion) you will begin to make a difference and see more personal shifts with your clients. When your clients experience this type of transformation they will become your raving fans and your referrals will soar.

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