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Growing a Multi-Million Dollar Franchise from a Credit Card with Andy Zapata

Building a business doesn’t always look a certain way. In fact, there are various methods and systems you can use to find success in business. However, there are few key ingredients that are vital no matter how you approach business. Today’s guest, Andy Zapata, is a serial entrepreneur with over 30 franchises. He specializes in healthcare, such as Urgent Cares, Physical Therapy Centers, and other medical centers. In this conversation with Debbie, he shares he got started with only the help of a credit card and how he’s grown his business from there. Debbie and Andy discuss the importance of maintaining passion through the process, accepting mistakes, and having a vision. Tune into this inspiring episode to learn more about how you can grow your own business.

Show Highlights:

  • How Andy started his business using a credit card

  • Why it’s important to ask for help

  • Andy shares why you have to accept mistakes and try again to be successful

  • How to build trust in your administration and create loyalty

  • Andy shares success stories of people who followed his system

  • How did COVID impact Andy’s business and how did he accommodate

  • What it looks like to put systems in place to support mass amounts of franchises

  • What are the biggest mistakes people are making when starting franchises


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