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How to Add VIP Days to Your Coaching Services

One of the best ways to work with clients on high-end programs is to set up personalized VIP days. These can be done live in-person, but they are even more time-saving when done via telephone, Skype or Google Hangout. VIP days can be very lucrative. Consider setting up high-end consulting programs working a half day or full day with your clients by phone. There is little set-up time to prepare for VIP days; all you’ll need to do is a pre-consulting questionnaire and/or call to discover your clients’ needs. 

Next, develop a program where you can guide and consult them through the process. Plan on taking a number of breaks during the call to allow your client to work on an assignment and clear their head. Personalized VIP days can give your clients great value by working to achieve fast results for them. Some experts charge from $1,500 – $5,000 or more for a half or full VIP day by phone, while personalized face-to-face consulting programs can run from $3,500 – $25,000 or more per day depending on the consultant’s level of expertise, the ROI they offer, and their specific target market. 

My client Phil, a sales consultant, started out offering high-end consulting programs, and the first month we launched he was asking $20,000 for his services. I was amazed that he acquired a client at that level so quickly. This rarely happens when you first launch a consulting program, but Phil was very clear on the number of clients he wanted to work with, his level of experience and what his income goal was. He wanted only high-end clients and not a lot of them; for those clients, he was willing to give more of his personal time.

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