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How to Be a Corporate Action Hero with John Davis

We all have a choice to stay positive, present, and cultivate success in our lives. Today’s guest, John Davis, is a professional Fight Director, a stuntman, an artistic director of three regional theme parks, a sword-fighting comedian, motivational speaker, author, and coach, but most importantly, he has dedicated himself to being an action hero. In today’s conversation, John shares what it means to be an “action hero” and how you can cultivate success in your own life by overcoming fear. 

Join Debbie Allen in this motivational and uplifting interview to hear more about how you can shift your mindset to live in the present moment and attract happiness and success in your own life. 

Show Highlights: 

  • What inspired John to become an “action hero” and serve others 
  • Hacking the fight or flight response can help people empower themselves within and work with others dynamically 
  • John explains his 5 “F’s” (Fearlessly Focus with Faith Follow through with Flexibility) 
  • Fear is an emotional reaction to an uncertain event that may or may not happen and it holds us back from success 
  • How to shift from an emotional mindset and make success easy for yourself 
  • Recognizing you’re in fear is the first step to help you overcome it and refocus 
  • Strategies to get back into action 
  • Changing your vocabulary is the first step to create a positive state for yourself 
  • John shares the most pivotal moment in his life 
  • How to be flexible in adversity 
  • Success comes to you but you have to be aware of your present moment 


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