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Increase Your Focus Under Pressure with Penny Zenker

We all have thoughts and to-do lists running loose that we need to wrangle. Sometimes it helps to be pointed in the right direction when trying to get everything back in order. Today’s guest, Penny Zenker, is a “focusologist”, international speaker, business strategy coach, and professional “squirrel wrangler”. Penny specializes in helping business owners get organized and reset their focus and priorities in order to optimize their productivity. In this interview, Penny shares success stories of clients she’s helped, discusses the challenges of letting go that leaders face, and how to increase your focus under pressure.

Show Highlights:

  • Penny shares what influenced her to cut out the clutter in her own life and teach others to do the same

  • What are the biggest mistakes companies that make them unproductive

  • Penny reveals success stories from companies she’s helped learn to delegate more efficiently

  • The benefits of keeping a time journal and documenting what tasks are most valuable

  • Success Tips to get organized

  • The importance of leading with value

  • Why you have to make a mindset shift when shifting positions

  • Creating structures and filters are important to protect your time


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