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Experts Inner Circle Mastermind

You Are Here Right Now Because You Have Been Personally Invited to My Exclusive Expert Mastermind


Together we are all SO much more than the sum of our parts. That’s why NOW is the time to uplift, up-level and unleash your collective energy and intention with like-minded peers. Masterminding with your peers is the #1 way to radically accelerate your rise, and help you make the income you deserve in your business

I’m sure you’ve heard that you’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with…so imagine the effect of a full year in the company of motivated and enterprising experts like yourself, all sharing not only their collective wisdom and best strategic business insights, but also with the specific intention of helping you reach your goals and fulfill your greatest potential

It’s a Full Year of Monthly Masterminding, Giving Back, Making Powerful Connections, Live Hot Seats and Expert Deep Dive Training!

There’s something about the positive energy of this experts mastermind group that will inspire you and your imagination. It’s the perfect place for experts to gather, amplify collective energy, and empower each other to soar in life and business all while having fun!

Experts Inner Circle is about having a business mentor who has already been where you want to go … and a supportive group of like-minded, high-level experts who are also committed to your success as collaborative business partners.

Experts Inner Circle Mastermind Member Benefits:

  • Exclusive Group Mentoring Program for a Full Year
  • (12) Monthly Mastermind Group Calls (90 minutes)
  • Recordings of All Group Calls
  • Hot Seat Mentoring with Debbie Each Month
  • Group Interaction, Feedback and Support
  • Deep Dive Training with Special Guest Experts
  • Annual Experts Inner Circle Mastermind Retreat (Details TBD)

You will receive valuable tips, cutting-edge insights and income-rocketing strategies to help you accelerate your success.

Take advantage of this invitation-only opportunity to identify your blind spots, amplify your strengths, solve challenges, get tips, and 10X the impact of your business… all within a completely safe and empowering expert community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

Ready to Be Part of This Exclusive and Selected Group?

Annual Mastermind Investment

Option 1: Pay in Full
Only $1,997
(Pay in Full & Save $367)


Option 2: Easy Payment Plan
Only $197 per month
(12 Months Investment $2,364)

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