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Keep a Positive Attitude and Contagious Enthusiasm

Why and how a positive attitude can directly affect your success

Your mood affects your beliefs which in turn reflects onto your personal and business life and then onto your customers. If you are in a negative mood, it will sweep through your business like a wildfire.

Staying positive and enthusiastic is essential for your business. A positive attitude along with contagious enthusiasm will support your groundwork to effectively self-promote. Even if you think of yourself as a marketing zero, you can make a good start toward becoming a marketing hero if you have a positive state of mind and contagious enthusiasm.

Although you know that enthusiasm in contagious, it is also contagious to reflect on negative energy. In fact, it is even easier for us to pick up negative vibes and reflect them internally in our daily lives. Watch out for negative energy and stay away from negative forces in your life. Being positive will promote your self-esteem, self-belief and help you avoid depression. Try this simple exercise for a “positive pick me up.”

Mind Power Exercise For Positive Energy

Close your eyes, relax and imagine that you are now a total success. Fill your being with the conviction that you are a success in this present moment. Imagine that all you have done this far in life has created nothing but success. Go on to recall and then vividly relive some of the most rewarding and successful times in your life. Notice how one thought leads to another.

Go beyond just memories of success and bring to mind anything that makes you feel good. Be creative. Do this for at least five minutes and note how your energy and emotions change. Also note how your energy, emotions and expectations for yourself have changed their nature. Do you feel better? Do you feel more confident or as if the future looks more promising?

You are what you think! When you think and feel stronger, you are stronger. The cells and molecules in your body are instantly filled with more energy. By believing in your strength you are freeing up memories, energies and potentials within that act immediately to change your capabilities in the present.

Smile and make it a great day!

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