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Let Viewers Get to Know You Online

Let views get to know youThe next important item to add to your home page is an introduction video.

This video is where viewers can personally connect to you as the expert. It should be no more than two minutes in length, as it’s hard to keep your viewers’ attention for much longer than that. Your video should welcome viewers to your site and showcase your personality. Relax, be yourself, and have fun with it. Start out by offering a benefit statement about your business; next, offer a couple of tips, ask them to look around your site, and to sign up for your free offer. Your main goal should be to make a personal connection and then give away a free gift so that viewers feel comfortable giving you their email. The more personalized you make your video, the more they will feel like they already know you.

Allow viewers to get to know you on your ABOUT page. This is where you can brag about your expertise, background, media attention, etc. Let viewers in and share something personal about you or something most people don’t know about you to make it more interesting. For example, in the past I didn’t tell people that I had never attended a day of college or that I had never applied for a JOB in my life. I also failed to mention early on that I had little knowledge of any industry I launched into and was often under- capitalized when I began. None of these was a great business model to follow. Therefore, early on in my expert career, I believed that by telling people this I would lose my credibility. But what I soon discovered is that my grass roots way of marketing and my life-long entrepreneurial background was what I could use to set myself apart. I then began sharing my personal experiences and obstacles to my advantage. Now my stories of triumph over challenge are a strong motivator for my audience and prospects with a “no-rules” and “no-excuse” attitude of approaching business.

Find your own unique personal story to make a strong connection and add a personal touch to your website; people always enjoying reading stories. Your stories also make you more real and authentic to online prospects. Your online marketing should build credibility and trust.

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