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Make a Difference, Make a Shift!

“Succeeding in new things creates confidence. Confidence in turn creates unstoppable success.” ~ Debbie Allen

As an entrepreneur, my background in business started at a very young age, but I had no formal business training, except for what I learned from the school of hard knocks. I’ve built and sold numerous million dollar companies and although I’ve had many successes in my life, there came a time where I felt something was missing. That “something” was giving back to others. I had been blessed with having the opportunity to work with many wonderful mentors and experts throughout my life and believed it was time for me to begin supporting others with the wisdom I had learned while growing and marketing my own businesses. Yet, I had no idea how to go about becoming an expert myself.

Making the shift to becoming more fulfilled

It’s making the shift in belief from “How can I make more money?” to “What can I do to serve others?” that has made a difference in my own life and the lives of many students around the world. When you let go of simply chasing the next dollar and focus on how to best share your gifts, talents and wisdom with the world, you begin to develop a business around your passion. I discovered that when you feed both your passion and wisdom, powerful opportunities begin to flow to you as if you are a magnet.

After I made this shift it not only fulfilled my heart, it also filled up my bank account. I was making more money than I could ever imagine.

You’ve heard the saying, “Do what you love and the money will follow.”

Is this actually true? If you follow your passion and pursue what you love doing for a living, will the monetary rewards really follow? What I’ve discovered is that having passion certainly helps – but you’ll need more than that to grow a lucrative career as an expert that supports others in return. Having passion will give you the drive and determination you’ll need when the road gets rocky or times get challenging. Skills and talent are required to make a name for yourself; but passion, skills and talent alone won’t pay the bills.

We all have a life journey, a story, a message or skill that will help and inspire others. What matters most is how we share our message. We are all were born into this world to make a difference by giving back to others in some way. When you share your advice and wisdom with the world, you begin to receive the most amazing gifts in return including a more fulfilled and abundantly free lifestyle.

You’ll know when this commitment of giving back feels right because you will truly be living and breathing your own legacy … Yes, LIVING your legacy … not just leaving it behind when you exit the planet.

If you have ever been mentored, guided or coached by someone in any way, you understand the feeling of being supported by someone who believes in you. Maybe they even believed in you more than you believed in yourself at that time. This may have caused a shift in you too. Your beliefs where shifted and changed forever, making you a better person in some way.

A shift, no matter how small, can be a life-changing experience.

When you’ve been supported, it makes you want to support others in having the same type of shift. Imagine a life of giving back by lifting others up in the form of inspiration, motivation, knowledge and commitment to do better; shifting them to a better life in some way. Imagine being able to support others in this same magical way while passing on your own experiences.

Every positive shift in someone’s life holds energy. This same energy continues to grow and consistently expands. When you help others do better and to believe in themselves, everyone around them does better too. That’s truly your gift of wisdom having a ripple effect!

Your wisdom, skills, talents, vision and enthusiasm to support others is priceless. No one can view the world exactly like you. No other person on this earth has the same experiences, personal values and viewpoints as you do. You have the ability to put our own fingerprint on the world and make a difference now.

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