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Master Your Mindset

Your mood effects your beliefs, which in turn reflects onto your personal and business life and then onto your customers. If you are in a negative mood, it will sweep through your business like a wild fire. Experts can’t afford to allow negativity to affect their life.

Staying positive and enthusiastic is essential to your success. A positive attitude along with contagious enthusiasm will support your groundwork. This groundwork will help keep the passion burning for your business.

Although you know that enthusiasm in contagious, it is also contagious to reflect on negative energy. In fact, it is even easier for us to pick up negative vibes and reflect them internally in our daily lives. Watch out for negative energy and stay away from negative clients and partners in your business. Being positive will continue to promote your self-esteem, self-belief and help you avoid negative feelings when times get tough.

Master your mindset exercise

If you find your mindset needs a little adjusting from time to time, here’s an exercise to get you back on track.Master Your Mindset

Close your eyes, relax and visualize your complete success – both personal and professional. Fill your being with the conviction that you are a complete success in this present moment. Imagine that all you have done this far in life has lead you to where you need to be right now. Next, recall and vividly relive some of the most rewarding and successful times in your life. Notice how one thought begins to lead to another as you do this exercise.

Go beyond just memories of success and bring to mind anything that makes you feel good. Get creative. Do this for at least five minutes and note how your energy, emotions, and expectations for yourself have changed.

Do you feel more confident, or as if your future looks even more promising?

You are what you think! When you think and feel stronger, you are stronger. The cells and molecules in your body are actually filled with more energy. That’s why you feel better.

When you believe in your strengths and abilities, you begin to free up your mind and move away from fear or doubt. Everything becomes more clear. Your positive memories, energy and potential begin to act immediately to change your capabilities in the present and you begin to master your mindset again.

The expert’s mindset takes on many forms including these below.

The Disciplined Mind: Mental discipline is the ability to keep your thoughts focused on goal-directed activity to the exclusion of all else. With high levels of mental discipline, you reach your goals faster.

The Systemized Mind: A systemized mind looks at procedures and discovers what needs to be done to make the business work more effectively. With systems in place you have the ability to see the big picture. Systems allow you to duplicate your success for others.

The Creative Mind: The creative mind thinks out of the box. With creativity you can discover many unique ways to stand out and move your career ahead.

The Resilient Mind: A resilient mind is open and flexible. With an open mind you let go of uncertainties and become open to innovative ideas.

The Ethical Mind: An ethical mindset and moral code of conduct are critical to developing lasting relationships. By treating others with respect and fairness, you will develop a respected business reputation.

The Responsible Mind: Responsibility holds people accountable. When you are responsible, others will count on you to be dependable, trustworthy and conscientious.

The Risk Taker Mind: Having the ability to deal and cope with uncertainty is an important skill set for any expert. Risks come with the acceptance that you will make some mistakes as your business develops. Highly paid experts understand that there is no cookie cutter model to follow. Since experts grow innovative companies, there will always be a certain amount of risk involved. Developing new systems, products, presentations, and  events all take on some level of risk. As an expert, you must be open and flexible to taking calculated risks.

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