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Network with other experts to expand lead source

Network ~ Courtesy Pixabay user geralt

Network ~ Courtesy Pixabay user geralt

Brainstorming and networking with other like-minded experts is a powerful way to create more business. You can’t go it alone in this competitive marketplace; you need the help and knowledge of other successful experts who can refer significant business to you.

Other experts can become your greatest source of warm leads. You also need other experts’ testimonials and endorsements to help you grow your business. I’ve always found that my competition has helped me gain a lot of business and opportunity. Sharing, supporting and networking with other experts should be part of your overall business plan.

There are opportunities everywhere for you to meet and connect with other experts. Every time you attend a conference, seminar, workshop, business function, chamber meeting, etc., there are opportunities to meet other experts.

By connecting with experts in complementary industries, you will gain an invaluable stream of qualified referrals and new prospective customers. Over the years I’ve developed some amazing partnerships, friendships and referrals from other experts that I’ve met at events. This includes some of the highest paid experts in the business – some are billionaires. They have become my friends, my mentors, and many have also become joint venture partners who have promoted my events, my books and my expertise.

When you discover a good connection with another expert, make a point to create a memorable first impression. Instead of going up to them and telling them all about you and your expertise, begin by showing support for their business first. Make suggestions on how you may be able to best work together and send referrals from your own clients who can use their services. Be open and make it easy for them to say YES to connecting with you. When you have developed this powerful networking skill, you’ll see it pay off over and over again.

Commit to making top-level networking a part of your ongoing business plan. Think of networking as a necessity to discovering additional contacts and referrals.

I’m sure you’re working in your own business or organization every day, and you probably find it hard to have the time to network. But when you GET OUT and work ON your business instead of just IN it, you’ll quickly uncover the rewards that networking at this high level has to offer.

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