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No one likes a pushy salesperson

Offering solutions and support - Courtesy of Flickr user Kai Schreiber

Offering solutions and support – Courtesy of Flickr user Kai Schreiber

Okay, so you may still be thinking: I don’t like to sell, so maybe I’ll skip this part and just work on building a paid professional speaking business where people pay me to speak and I won’t have to sell. Well, I respect your position on this; I was there myself, for a long time. But to become a highly paid expert this is one skill you must be open to, otherwise your income will be limited. The fear or discomfort some people have around selling is actually very expensive; this fear or discomfort can actually rob you of massive leverage that creates massive sales. So, before you dismiss the opportunity or think that selling to an audience is not possibly for you, read on:

There is too much opportunity here for you to ignore!

We all understand that good salespeople have the opportunity to create unlimited income instead of just collecting a flat salary. Commissioned salespeople take on the risk that they can sell for the opportunity to make more money in the long run. Since they take more risk than a salaried person, they also reap more rewards when they sell well. No one wants to be SOLD to, but we all enjoy BUYING. Personally, I don’t like aggressive salespeople at all; they can be a real turn off! But when selling is done well (in the service of others) it becomes a win/win.

Selling can actually be FUN!

To enjoy the selling process, you’ll first need to eliminate any personal biases when it comes to how you might think about selling.

This may be easier said than done. The key is to first identify your own personal beliefs related to selling and asking for the sale. Once you identify the beliefs that could be holding you back, it will be easier to begin to believe differently.

Selling does not have to be aggressive. You obviously have the skills and knowledge as an expert to help others.

So what’s to sell?

Selling from stage is actually more about educating, informing and inviting others to work with you so that you can support them in return. Sounds like a win/win to me. Think about it this way: If you don’t sell, you are not only doing yourself a disservice, you are doing a huge disservice to all the people you can’t help. So, by not selling you actually take away the opportunity to support more people.

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