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Offering Your Client a Virtual VIP Day

Virtual VIP intensive business breakthrough days are a favorite way to offer personalized mentoring with my clients. The VIP intensive days not only save me time when it comes to travel, they save my clients time and money as well, and they are a great way to gain immediate results. Virtual VIP intensive days are personalized one-on-one business coaching days done via telephone or Skype.

Virtual days focus on uncovering an action plan for your client that will give them fast turnaround results. For example, my programs focus on helping clients set up their coaching or consulting programs, developing a product, planning an event, setting up a marketing plan, growing their business, etc. Virtual days allow clients to achieve immediate on-the-spot results through personal guidance and direction.

Virtual days usually run for about four hours in length. You can set these up by breaking down time slots and assignments so your client doesn’t get overwhelmed. Begin by working closely with your client for about 60 minutes, and then take about a 30-minute break. Between calls, allow your client to gain clarity and/or the time to complete an assignment. Then get back on the call again for your next session, and so on.

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