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Overcoming Doubt to Create the Life You Want with Carolina Billings

Women are often faced with doubt and societal expectations that keep them from pursuing their dreams and instead, succumbing to a traditional lifestyle. While we all have our own paths, it’s important we pursue the career and life goals that bring us happiness, not acceptance. In today’s episode, Carolina Billings shares what inspired her to leave her marriage and corporate job to truly pursue the career and lifestyle she desired. Carolina and Debbie discuss why being a successful woman can make a traditional relationship difficult, the importance of financial independence, and how you too can overcome your doubt and create the life you’ve always wanted. 

Show Highlights: 

  • Carolina shares how she left her marriage and corporate job to create her dream life 
  • Sometimes it can be difficult for successful career women to find a relationship that aligns with their values 
  • Carolina shares what inspired her to become an entrepreneur  
  • It’s important to have a side gig 
  • We need to surrender control and trust that we’re making the world better 
  • Overcoming the insecurity of self-promotion and putting yourself out there to make a difference 
  • Surrounding yourself with uplifting people is the key to success 
  • Women should unlock their ultimate superpower of financial independence 


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