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Podcast Interviews

About Debbie Allen’s Success Is Easy Podcast:
The mission of my innovative and fun podcast is to bring proven business insight and a positive mindset to small business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals who want to build and grow their level of success to reach their ultimate potential.

About Target and Listeners:
Our listening audience is comprised of small business owners and entrepreneurs in diverse industries who are determined to step up their success to achieve bigger and better results with proven practices, personal stories and success tips.

What’s in it for YOU as a Featured Expert?
Because we want to focus on your best lessons, you’ll be spending just 30 minutes being interviewed by Debbie. Interviews are then used as our featured guest podcast and posted on our website and in our monthly newsletter. In addition to being published on our podcast, the video interview may also be posted to YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook and 30+ top podcast apps. All of these will create long lasting back links to your chosen landing page.

We will focus on only “4” main questions to keep the interview focused and to the point. Our interviews last between 20 to 30 minutes in total.

An Introduction and Welcome of Featured Guest

  1. What ideas or strategies can you share from your own experiences to help others make success easy?
  2. What are the common mistakes you see that most people make in business?
  3. What is the number one success tip you have to share with our listeners based upon your expertise? Is there a free resource you would like to share to help them?
  4. What lessons, tips or strategies would you like to leave my listeners with today that I didn’t ask you yet? 

This focused interview format allows us to produce content that will be listened to and read with high frequency.

About Debbie Allen

Debbie Allen is one of the top professional business speakers worldwide. Debbie instantly connects with her podcast audience with her say-it-like-it-is no-nonsense attitude and her humorous and motivational style. She shares decades of business building wisdom along with her expert guests, telling you how to win in business and make success look and feel easy.
Debbie Allen is a bestselling author of 9 books, including Success is Easy: Shameless No-NonSense Strategies to Win in Business published by Entrepreneur Press. She is also a VIP Contributor for Entrepreneur Magazine.

BOOK your interview Now:

Provided the interview goes well (no worries, it will), it will be distributed and published as noted above.

What we need from you NOW after booking your podcast interview:

  1. High-res headshot for marketing banner and promotion.
  2. Introduction for podcast (including your expertise and background).
  3. Your call to action at the end of the interview. Where do you want to send listeners for more info or a gift?
  4. Any additional questions or main points you would like to add to the interview.
  5. Your contact information including your email, website and Facebook page link.

The Format:

  1. Video webcams are ON during the interview, so please be prepared. Turn your audio and video on when you arrive on the zoom call.
  2. Debbie will welcome and introduce you using your short bio.
  3. Next, the interview commences and you’ll have 20 to 30 minutes to answer the questions above and/or others you wish to provide that fit the show’s format. Don’t worry, you are the expert and a pro; you’ve got this and I’ve got your back.

Some Notes to Help Improve Interview Quality:

  1. Please make sure your microphone is high quality and you are in a quiet space for the interview.
  2. You need to be on a high capacity internet connection which in most cases means cable, not wireless. A hotel wireless will probably not handle this well. Therefore, if you plan to be traveling during the time of our interview, you may wish to reschedule for a time that ensures the best connection.
  3. Have fun and go with the flow. Be your best self and it will be amazing!

Debbie Allen
Podcast Recording –
Success Is Easy Podcast

Hi! Thanks for booking your slot for SUCCESS IS EASY, the Podcast focused on bringing our listeners more success with ease. I’m looking forward to interviewing you and getting to know you even better during our special time together.

Please use the direct zoom application or either Chrome or Firefox as your browsers for the best connection.

Thank you! Debbie

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