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Be, Do, Scale: Business & Leadership Growth Catalysts with Erik Luhrs

Quote: “The miracles that I had with clients where I had 66X their growth had been where they themselves had changed.” Erik Luhrs

Do you ever wonder if something is holding you back? Do you feel you’re destined to create something bigger but can’t figure out what’s getting in your way? Our guest today is Expert Mindset Coach Erik Luhrs who will help us find the answers to some of the big questions and make us realize that the change to scale our business must start from within.

Erik helps business leaders become the version of themselves they need to BE to exponentially expand their business, attract top-tier talent, and build world-class teams. He is a Fortune 500 consultant, a master practitioner of NLP, a psychic intuitive, a peak mindset coach, a revenue generation strategist, and so much more.

Be, Do, Scale: Business & Leadership Growth Catalysts with Debbie Allen and Erik Luhrs

Listen to the Expert and Learn:

  • What it takes to scale
  • Why you must dream big
  • How your mindset can hold you back
  • When you have to take a risk

Guest Links:

Erik’s website
Complementary 1 Question Power Session
Erik’s book
Erik’s LinkedIn profile

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