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Solving Problems with Consultative Selling with Nancy Calabrese

Quote: “There’s value to repetitiveness. You want to touch your target audience throughout the year and over the years because you never know when your timing is right.” Nancy Calabrese

Consultative sales is a specific sales approach where reps act more like advisers than salespeople and recommend solutions to potential customers based on their needs and problems. Put more concisely; it’s the process of selling a solution, not a product. Sales Expert Nancy Calabrese joins us to share her ideas about how and why consultative sales is a much better approach to selling and how it can benefit both you and your client.

Nancy is passionate about a properly executed pre-sales process – engaging with prospects, uncovering their needs, and turning them into qualified leads. Her unique approach, positive attitude, and relentless attention to detail are derived from her experience in recruiting.

She saw the need for better quality, highly specialized, qualified lead generation and, in 2011, created One of a Kind Solutions, which was rebranded One of a Kind Sales in 2018. Nancy employs a unique approach to solving problems using consultative selling.

Solving Problems with Consultative Selling with Nancy Calabrese

Listen to the Expert and Learn:

  • How consultative selling works
  • Why mindset is everything
  • The benefits of scripting
  • When to ask for referrals

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