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Create Your Own 6-Figure Virtual Event with Liam Austin

Quote: “Part of the science of this is making sure we identify that right topic.  Because if it works once, it’s going to continue working, and the second, third and fourth launch will be improving and ultimately your conversions will increase over time.”  Liam Austin

Have you ever thought about turning your content into a course or workshop? 

Listen as Debbie interviews Virtual Event Strategist, Liam Austin and learn how to create your own virtual event, turn it into a cash cow and give you a new passive income revenue stream! 

Liam also shares his ideas about repurposing content, the difference between a webinar and a workshop and how a workshop can generate business for you.

Listen to the Expert and Learn:

  • How to create your virtual event and turn it into a workshop
  • What it takes to make a great workshop
  • Why it’s okay to give away your content
  • When to give your sales pitch

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Create Your Own 6-Figure Virtual Event with Debbie Allen and Liam Austin
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