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Evergreen Webinars to Grow Your Online Business with Joel Erway

Quote: “If you want a cheaper cost per acquisition, do less marketing and make more offers.” Joel Erway

You have your course all set to launch, but how do you get it in front of the people who are ready to buy? 

We are talking with Joel Erway, “The Webinar Guy” who will share with us his thoughts on why you need a sales funnel, not a marketing funnel, how to build trust with your prospective customers and the components necessary to create an effective webinar that will translate into sales.  

Listen to the Expert and learn:

  • How to make money using mini webinars
  • The different types of webinars and when to use them
  • What it takes to live a semi-retired lifestyle  
  • How to launch a high-ticket course to scale your online business

Joel’s Website
Joel’s Book

Joel has 2 podcasts:
Sold with Webinar

Experts Unleashed
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Evergreen Webinars to Grow Your Online Business with Debbie Allen and Joel Erway
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