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Excellence in Sales with Fred Diamond

Quote: “The great sales professionals believe they are of service. They’re about “how am I going to help my customer achieve their goals and show more value to their customers?” Fred Diamond

Do you struggle to ask for the sale? Does it make you feel uncomfortable to ask your clients for money? I know many of us have suffered from this at one time or another, so we are excited to welcome our guest, Fred Diamond. Fred joins us to share his expertise and mindset strategies to help you attract, elevate, motivate, and retain your customers and common mistakes to avoid.

Fred is the Co-Founder of the Institute for Excellence in Sales and the host and producer of the award-winning Sales Game Changers Podcast. He’s an exceptional speaker who helps companies improve their sales processes and stay ahead of trends. Fred also advocates for Lyme disease treatment and wishes more people knew about this horrendous disease.

Listen to the Expert and Learn:

  • The most important sales tool
  • Why you must ask for the sale
  • How to switch to a sales mindset
  • When patience pays off

Guest Links:

Fred’s website
Institute for Excellence in Sales
Fred’s LinkedIn profile
Fred’s Podcast

Excellence in Sales with Debbie Allen and Fred Diamond

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