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High Ticket Programs that Guarantee Results with Tom Matzen

Quote: “The best marketing partners you can have are your direct competition.” Tom Matzen

Do you offer a guarantee with your program? Our guest just happens to have created the world’s first series of high-ticket programs that literally guarantee results. Tom Matzen also has a phenomenal track record of creating 89 businesses, and 8 of those went to seven figures and beyond!

Tom is here to share his journey and talk about how he helps his clients build seven and eight-figure businesses! He will also discuss why your JV partners should be direct competitors, not just collaborative partners. A two-time international best-seller with three books, Tom has shared his message to more than 100,000 entrepreneurs on four continents.

Listen to the Expert and Learn:

  • Why it’s better to be a dolphin than a shark
  • How swapping dead deals can create a ton of business
  • The 6 Steps to creating a risk reversal
  • Building strategic alliances that work

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The Strategy of a Dolphin: US  Canada

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High Ticket Programs that Guarantee Results with Debbie Allen and Tom Matzen

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