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Marketing Mistakes Even the Experts Make with Peter Sandeen

Quote: “People usually just spend time building a very wide bridge at one end but there’s nothing in between.  And most people are not going to jump in the river to swim across.” Peter Sandeen

Ok, you have positioned yourself as an expert…now what?  The first thing we need to realize is that you have to hire the right person for the right job.  Setting up your website for success requires more than just fancy programing.  You must have great copy and an opt-in that works.

Today we have The Marketer’s Marketer, Peter Sandeen who will explain how he helps small business owners get more leads and sales from their website.  Peter believes that with just a few easy tweaks, you can increase your sales exponentially.  The key is to make it easy for your customer and get them ready to buy.  This is a great episode filled with tips and a very special gift from Peter that could make all the difference in your website conversion!

Listen to the Expert and Learn:

  • What to focus on in your marketing
  • When you should update your website
  • How to create a great opt-in
  • Why you need a marketing expert

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