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Successful Online Courses with Danny Iny

Quote: “When I learn something, I want to teach it to someone else, that’s just my instinct.” Danny Iny

Have you thought about or already created an online program? Has it been successful, or do you think you could use some advice to make it even better? What if you could learn some great success strategies that have been proven to work time and time again? Expert Online Course Creator Danny Iny is here to share some of the best-kept secrets to help you build a program that will bring value to your customers and enable you to make a real difference.

Danny is a leading voice in the world of online courses. He has been featured or contributed to publications including the Harvard Business Review, Entrepreneur Inc., Forbes, and Business Insider. Danny has even presented at Yale University and Google, and is the bestselling author of Leveraged Learning, Online Courses, and Teach Your Gift.

Successful Online Courses with Debbie Allen and Danny Iny

Listen to the Expert and Learn:

  • What it takes to get started
  • Why you must sell before you build
  • How to price your program
  • Mistakes to avoid

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