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The Mindful Millionaire with Leisa Peterson

Quote: “I had to believe in myself more than I believed in the possibility of failure.” Leisa Peterson

Do you ever find that self-doubt and worry are holding you back from creating the wealth you want to achieve? You might be in a scarcity mindset without even realizing it.

On this episode of Access to Experts, we’re thrilled to welcome Wealth and Mindset Expert Leisa Peterson to share her journey that started in scarcity as a child and grew to what she thought was her dream job. Then an unimaginable tragedy would prompt her to search out happiness and an abundant mindset. Today Leisa coaches ambitious heart-centered business owners on fast-tracking the process of building wealth, decreasing risk, and increasing peace of mind.

The Mindful Millionaire with Debbie Allen and Leisa Peterson discuss mindset

Listen to the Expert and Learn:

  • Why you need to diversify
  • That it’s never too late to start
  • What it takes to find your middle path
  • To switch how you make decisions

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The Mindful Millionaire
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