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The Power of Joint Venture Partnerships with Jay Fiset

Quote: “When we do joint ventures well, 2 things happen in our business. We create a steady stream of perfectly qualified leads for free and we create a passive income stream.” Jay Fiset

Have you ever had a joint venture partnership? If yes, was it successful? If not, do you know why it wasn’t or how you could have improved on the experience for both you and your JV partner?

We are happy to welcome Joint Venture Expert Jay Fiset to share his thoughts on how to create the best connections, frame offers that convert to sales and why perceived competition is a good thing. Jay will also talk about how to build a relationship, not just a transaction, and why it’s best to build the relationship first and your product second.

The Power of Joint Venture Partnerships with Debbie Allen and Jay Fiset

Listen to the Expert and Learn:

  • What are Joint Venture Partners?
  • The benefits of Joint Venture Partnerships
  • How to choose the best Joint Venture Partners
  • The different types of Joint Venture Partnerships

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