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Referral Rewards are a Powerful Marketing Tool

One way to kick your referral business into high gear is by offering a referral reward.

Find a way to reward your customers for every referral they send you, and make sure that you systemize this process so you can test the effectiveness of your referral rewards. Be consistent so you never forget to pass along the reward that you promised your customer.

The more consistent and systemized you are about asking for referrals and offering rewards, the more effective your results will be.

Learn to get comfortable asking for referrals, because they should become part of your overall business plan. Let your clients know about your referral reward program up front; rewarding them well is an added benefit of being your client. You can even plant referral reward triggers throughout your sales presentation as an additional benefit of being a client.

Another good time to ask for referrals is when your clients are raving about you, your company, your product and/or your services. What do you say when a client gives you a compliment?

Do you simply say, “Thank you,” and stop at that, or do you see this as a great opportunity to ask for a referral? After you receive the compliment, continue your conversation with, “Thank you very much. A wonderful testimonial like that would really help my business, and also would help a lot of other people get the same great results that you did. May I ask you to refer my services to your friends and business associates?”

Your client most likely will reply with an agreeable YES to both requests. Next, whip out your cell phone and get that video testimonial on video right away!

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