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Risk-taking is a Powerful Trait That Leads to Success

To be successful you must position yourself to be bold, brave and shameless enough to take risks.

This is not the jumping-off-the-deep-end at every turn kind of risk taking. Rather, this is about taking calculated risk, even if the results are not a 100 percent given. The goal is to create brave thinking and doing.

If you remain fearful or stuck in business, everyone else will quickly pass you by.

When successful people take risks, they calculate the risk/reward ratio. Most of the time their risky decisions pay off. And if they fail, they calculate the failure, adjust their next move, learn from the lesson and move on.

The Jack-of-all-Trades and Master-of-None is not a successful trait. Unsuccessful people tend to play Jack-of-all-Trades by trying to do it all on their own, trying to be all things to all people. But this doesn’t work!

Common business sense simply supports that fact that doing all aspects of your business on your own — is simply impossible!

Unsuccessful people play small. They hold themselves back from taking risks, investing in themselves, and/or taking a chance on new opportunities. Often, they don’t invest enough in areas where they need professional support.

The biggest problem they have with not seeking professional help with marketing, sales or other professional skills is that they are perceived as unprofessional. It doesn’t matter if they are the best in their field, perception is everything. No one wants to do business with someone who appears unprofessional or unsuccessful.

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