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Sales Isn’t Always Smooth Sailing

If you see enough prospects, you’re bound to run into your share of objections. But if you took away the objections, salespeople would be reduced to nothing more than glorified order takers.

Nobody likes rejection, and it’s natural to feel some disappointment when you hear someone say NO. Yet the only surefire way to avoid rejection is to never ask for anything. And if you avoid rejection altogether, that is just what you will get: Nothing.

Nevertheless, you must find an internal reservoir of strength, confidence and security in your identity as a professional, and you must convey all of that to your prospect as an equal. Because that’s what you are – a sales professional!

The best salespeople are never pushy and don’t resort to hard-selling strategies. They understand that to be effective, they must allow the sale to take its own course and move at its own pace.

Great salespeople want their prospects to BUY, not to be rushed, pushed, or SOLD. They also understand that their prospects may have doubts, fears and temptations that may cause them to avoid confrontation the majority of the time. Great salespeople understand this and quickly welcome questions and objections from their prospects with confidence, knowing that they have the ability to solve any problems or concerns.

It is your job as a salesperson to be open to rejection and to solve problems.

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