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Set Yourself Apart from the Masses

What direction will you take to set yourself apart from the “Sea of Sameness?” There are a lot of life and business coaches. How will you set yourself apart and define your expertise? You must find an area where you can dominate in the marketplace. When you pick a clear path to follow the right opportunities and clients will come your way because they will clearly understand your brand and admire your wisdom and expertise. 

After you pick your direction, you’ll need to break it down even more to become specialized. For example, I have a couple of clients who are life coaches who specialize in the area of life purpose. My client Nadia has branded herself as The Life Purpose Decoder and Suzanne has branded herself as Awaken to Your Life Purpose. Not only did they pick a specific path to follow, they branded their expertise within a highly competitive niche market of life coaching and life purpose.

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