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Courtesy of Pixabay

Courtesy of Pixabay

Typically the price point offer(s) that you present at your own event will be higher than what you will offer at someone else’s event. The reason for this is because you already have warm prospects that know and trust YOU. They are more likely to invest in your higher-end programs, especially if your event runs for three days. Keep in mind this is NOT the place to sell your $20 book at the back of the room!

You don’t need a huge audience to be successful at events. By offering high-end programs, you don’t have to sell a lot of people to make a lot of money. You also don’t need to sell a huge percentage of the room to walk away with a big paycheck. For example, I hosted an event at a very exclusive resort in Sedona, Ariz. The Enchantment Resort and Spa is an amazing place, surrounded by a stunning red rock canyon. It is truly a magical place. I decided to host my event at this location because I had always wanted the opportunity to stay there in one of their amazing suites. I figured if I wanted to stay there, so would my attendees, and only the people who could afford it would show up. Just 35 attendees paid to attend this weekend marketing retreat. The audience wasn’t large, but they were the right prospects. They were serious about their business. In fact, one attendee flew all the way from New Zealand to be there.

At the end of three magical days in Sedona, I had sold just a handful of new clients. Out of the 35 that attended, I sold seven attendees an offer of $17,997. Therefore, I had sold 20 percent of the room, walking away with a paycheck of $125,979.

Not a shabby paycheck for such a small group, especially when this was the first event where I had ever tried to sell a high-end consulting package. The reason I share this story with you is to let you know that you don’t have to pack a room to make big money from events. You also should never underestimate what someone would pay to invest in your expertise when you offer great value.

When you host your own events you take on ALL the risk, but you also get to keep ALL of the sales. You easily can sell a high-end program with a one-day event. But you’ll usually sell more when you host a three-day event. Start out with a one-day and work your way up to a three-day event. Now you might be thinking: Why not do a two-day event? Because there is an energy flow around a three-day that works even better. Three-day events allow you more time to bring in guest speakers, have more interaction with the audience, etc. The more time attendees spend with you and the more value you give them through education, the more they will trust you and buy from you. Therefore, three-day events give you the opportunity to sell even higher-priced packages.

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