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Some Timeless Success Principles Backfired

Most of the time success principles backfire because of the walls used to block the principles out. These invisible walls are built from our own limiting beliefs. To make a shift, first become aware of the existing belief and observe patterns more positively.

Success principles can backfire if we have a black and white approach to beliefs about success. For example, many people believe there is either success or failure, and we can’t do both. The reality is that success is a bit fuzzy at times. The reason is that to become more successful at anything, we must also fail as we learn from mistakes.

“Failure is simply part of the process of learning to become more
successful in business and in life.” – Debbie Allen

The problem is unsuccessful people see failure, freak out, and give up too soon, before having a chance to succeed. This behavior causes sabotage to opportunities placed in front of us. We get in our own way, make excuses, and stop taking action. Worst of all is buying into limiting beliefs that cause the failure in the first place.

For example: I have witnessed hundreds of people give up on success in a matter of minutes. After I speak at events, I often have a table set up at the back of the meeting room to talk with audience members once I come off stage. Some attendees will wait in line for up to two hours to speak to me for two minutes.

I can tune into people. I’m extremely intuitive about reading people. Often, I can uncover if someone will choose either success or failure in just a couple of minutes. This is clearly revealed by the body language and the words used to describe goals and the businesses. The majority seem to truly want success and value my advice. Yet far too many still choose failure.

Those who choose failure over success wait to talk with me only to share excuses, problems, or even worse just to tell me about being, “Broke.”

Yikes, I cringe when I hear that word. It’s one of the most negative and limiting words anyone can use when it comes to personal success sabotage.

It amazes me what people will reveal when wanting us to buy into stories of misery and failure. Often the people just want to remain stuck in the story. Sorry, but that doesn’t work for me. I have no tolerance for self-limiting-pity-parties. It’s a complete waste of time because what I have learned is these people who choose failure over success are not open and coachable and are not ready to hear positive reinforcement, innovative ideas, or successful advice!

I care about helping others succeed, but I can only help those who are ready to listen, learn, and take action. If this sounds good, keep reading. I’m here to help!

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