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Success is Not One Size Fits All

We may believe success is defined by the outcome of money, fame, happiness, material items, etc. But success does not come with a one-size-fits-all label. Success must get defined by our own labels of success.

Success is not defined by another person or by society. The meaning of success is different for each person and is only defined by that person. We may not fit into other people’s definition of success, but we can give ourselves permission to be okay with that. Success is an individual concept. I cannot define success for anyone else. I can only define it for myself. But here’s the exciting part, each get to define and design our own “Success Blueprint,” which means we get to follow our own rules.

When writing my Success is Easy book, I asked hundreds of people to define what the word “success” meant. Almost every person asked gave me a different definition of the word simply because I asked for each one to define it in individual terms. Very insightful!

Listen up: If success feels hard and challenging, wake up and walk away from what is not working, shift actions and rethink the situation all together. Set aside any personal emotions that may cloud judgement on why things may not be working right now.

Remove anything else that may influence false perceptions around our own level of success. In other words, start by getting out of our own way.

Step outside of our wants and get to the results we are looking for. This is the best way for us to get the true essence of our own personal success definition. Focus on the final outcome we are trying to achieve.


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