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Success Should Not Feel Hard

If our goal is for something as vague as “success” or “money,” we will have a challenging time trying to harness it. This will make us feel as if success is hard, but success should not be hard. If it feels like success is hard, we are doing it wrong.

The no-nonsense bottom line: If what we are doing is not working, we must be open and coachable to a new way of doing things. This is simply good common business sense.

Listen up: If success feels hard and challenging, wake up and walk away from what is not working, shift actions and rethink the situation all together. Set aside any personal emotions that may cloud judgement on why things may not be working right now.

Remove anything else that may influence false perceptions around our own level of success. In other words, start by getting out of our own way.

Step outside of our wants and get to the results we are looking for. This is the best way for us to get the true essence of our own personal success definition. Focus on the final outcome we are trying to achieve.




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