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Take Action and Move in the Right Direction

Indecisiveness doesn’t work in business. Period!

It can allow one to become manipulated into giving away their voice and their choices. It weakens your opportunity for success and kills decision-making power. The goal is to make quick decisions and act. This is how you position yourself for more success.

While speed in our decision making is a critical factor in our success, it’s the quality of the decision that matters most.

A slow, methodical, analytic approach is not necessarily the best approach to decision making.

The perfect solution seldom exists, but that doesn’t stop a lot of people from an endless and unrealistic pursuit of making the perfect decision. It’s important to be careful and lay out the alternatives, but obsessing is a different matter. Obsessing over a decision takes a heavy toll on time and drains emotional energy.

Delaying an important decision slows us down and causes us to worry. The decision will still be there waiting for us anyway. Don’t over complicate things! Take ownership of the decision. Instead of waiting for the moons, stars and planets to align—decide to move on now!

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