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How do you describe personal wealth?

People measure and define wealth in many different ways. If you only measure wealth in dollars, you may always be looking for that larger pot of gold at the end of a new rainbow. Working harder, working faster and doing more are NOT necessarily the keys to achieving personal satisfaction and success.

Think about what wealth and success really mean to you. How would you live your life differently than you are right now? Would your success be defined with a balanced life of professional achievements, personal happiness and good health? If so, what path would you follow today to accomplish this balanced wealth plan?

Below are three steps that are crucial as you travel your path to unlimited wealth potential:


Your journey to the elusive emotional pleasure of wealth must start with defining your personal desires, dreams and personal success.

What do you truly want?


Do you feel passionate enough about your dream to follow the path to the end without ever giving up?


Would you continue on your path to unlimited wealth through hard times and failures?

It does not matter if you already know how to achieve the dream or have the knowledge to make it a success at this first step. Not knowing how to do something has never stopped the most successful people from setting out to begin a new career or invest in a new business.

Anyone can become competent, even expert, at just about anything today with the help of books, audio programs, trade associations, mentors and the Internet.

But first, you must possess a positive belief system and the passion to make it happen. Most people give up too soon. Most experience a few failures and start to see their belief system and dreams slip away. But if only they had held on a little longer or implemented one new marketing idea, they may have found their dream around the next corner. If only they had asked for help and learned from someone else’s blunders, too. If only they had talked to experts who have been there before them.

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