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Teach Your Clients How to Refer You

Tell your clients exactly what you would like them to do when they refer you. Don’t leave it up to chance, and don’t leave out any details. For example, I have two ways for my clients to easily refer people to my business. First of all, I share a website link to an online questionnaire that clients receive when they sign up for my program. Clients can easily direct their referrals to this page via email, and once their referral submits the questionnaire online, they get scheduled for a free 10-minute mentoring call with me.

The second way I make it easy for my clients to refer me is to pass along VIP guest tickets to attend my live Highly Paid Expert Workshop. All they have to do is pass this free gift along to their friends, family or business associates. Clients benefit by inviting guests who will not only gain from the knowledge of being there, but also can gain when guests invest in my programs.

Your referral rewards need to be generous enough to get your clients excited about referring people to your business and it must be systematic. Remember, it’s always easier to get referrals from clients who already love working with you than trying to develop new relationships on your own. The trust with a referral is already built in. The value of one client could actually be worth many times over their own value once you see the results that referrals can bring your way. Therefore, the value of one ideal client has a high perceived value vs. taking on clients who can’t afford your services or don’t refer you well. Great clients will send you great referrals!

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