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The Million Dollar Question

Many people struggle to reach a six-figure income, while others become millionaires with ease.

Most reach a certain level of income they are comfortable with, then put a “mental cap” on earning more.

Some always struggle with money, while others grow and prosper with ease.

Why is that? What makes one different from another?

These are the million-dollar questions. If you could speculate the answers, you would understand why your own “mental cap” stops the flow of more success and more money your way. If you knew the answers, you could figure out how to “uncap” it to allow more success to flow and grow with ease.

And when you know the answers, you will also know how to shift beliefs around money and abundance. Having a positive belief around money and abundance is critical to success.

Unfortunately, the truth is most people don’t know the answers. And many find it hard to shift their beliefs around money—which sabotages their income. If a person is living paycheck to paycheck, then it’s very likely they have cultivated a scarcity mindset in relationship to money.

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